One of the many problems environmental consultants run into is not having one database with access to all information on a species.  The information is scatted across numerous websites, and worse, the information does not cross-reference well.  

For example, new plant names are adapted all the time by Eflora/Jepson, but rarely does USDA pick up these name changes.  This leads to frustration and question as to whether you have the correct information.  

Species List Pro has taken the guesswork out of list-making for you.  We have compiled our data from numerous sources, choosing the most accurate and reliable source for each and every parameter.  

Below is a list of all the databases we support.  Please note the particular database or schema your client prefers might not be supported at this time. 

Supported Databases


Plant Latin Names - eFloras, Jepson

Plant Ranking/Listed Status - CNPS

Plant Invasive Rank - CalIPU

Wetland Status - USDA

Range - Jepson

Common Name - multiple sources

Habitat Links - to Jepson

Photos Links - to CalPhotos 

Note: In most cases, the databases outside of the Jepson do not reflect updated plant names.  We have conveniently mapped these old names to the new ones, so no matter which name you type in, you will see the newest name and most up-to-date information auto-fill.  For example, if you search USDA for "Diplacus", you will not find any results.  However, if you write "Diplacus" into our program, you will receive the old name "Mimulus" in Column 3, as well as its correct USDA status in column 9. 






If you have any questions about our database sources, or would like to send in a suggestion, please contact us a