Species List Pro is a feature-loaded webtool that generates full species lists quickly and accurately. 

Eliminate manual errors and save countless hours while generating fully comprehensive species lists. SpeciesList Pro auto-fills everything for you, in a fraction of the time it usually takes, with all the reliability and accuracy you need.

Our lists are compliant and always up to date with the most accurate sources, such as Jepson eflora, CNPS, and USDA for plants, and (database) for wildlife. Read more about compliancy and our databases

 Export list to Excel or PDF

 Out-of-range warning 

 Upload an existing list

 Auto-fills up to 13 data fields

 Up to date rankings & status

 Spell-check built in

 Compliant with agencies

 Generate target species pamphlets

 Collaborate with others 


Export list to Excel

Export your lists to Excel at anytime.

With Professional and Enterprise plans, you can edit and export your lists unlimited times.


Auto-Fill 17 Data Columns

Data is auto-filled into columns, which can be turned on or off depending on what information you need to view.

Species Latin Name, Common Name, Old Name (if applicable), Family, Order (birds & mammals only),  Status/Rank, Native/Non-native, Wetland Indicator (plants only), Range, Links to habitat, Bloom Period (plants only)... See full list here (button)


Up to Date & Accurate

Compliant, up to date, spell check, family matches, etc


A warning will go off if you add a species that is out of range for your project

Professional and Enterprise plans only


Collaborate With Your Team

Easy collaboration between your team and subconsultants, with just one account

Enterprise Plans only


Target Species Pamphlet

Generate a target species PDF for your team in just minutes. Highly customizable, from habitats, range, bloom periods (plants)/migratory season (birds), and so on.

Enterprise Plans only


Upload Existing Lists

Upload any existing excel list and check it for errors, such as range, spelling, rank, and more!

Professional and Enterprise Plans only

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